This year Sanyo is entering into its 70th year. At this time, Sanyo Wants to one more time raise their brand consciousness.
Simply put even if we were to record the history of Sanyo, it would not help. Nor would going back to the past. The message for this 70th anniversary is that we could not do without the first step it took to make the SANYO of today.
What Sanyo has held dear for these 70 years is something that we will not forget from this moment on.
SANYO's clothes have long been loved. Therefore, it will never be old. Because it is the real thing. A thing that is reliable.
A thing that is good from its production.

When the label MADE IN JAPAN swept over the world, it was evident that it was for well-made products only. There was no margin of error in that.

Therefore, this motto holds a good meaning that can tie all of our employees together. We cannot create something of lower quality. We wish for this pride to be born of this.

TIMELESS WORK-Let's create the Real Thing.

About Us

Sanyo New York was established in 1978 by Sanyo Shokai of Tokyo, becoming one of the pioneers in the global trend of Japanese brand launches in the States. Sanyo Shokai is one of the largest apparel manufacturers in Japan that has a long rich history dating back to 1943. In 1986, the company built its own state-of-the-art production facility in Oneonta, NY, making it the first Japanese company to hold a presence in the United States.

Sanyo was the first to treat wool gabardine for water repellency, and even ventured out in being the first to use lightweight and breatheable parachute material to create a coat of durability and strength. We continually work to improve fabric quality and details of coat construction to create outerwear of high caliber.

Sanyo New York is an outerwear brand that focuses on quality, design, and technological advancement. We pride ourselves in being an affordable luxury brand that creates contemporary coats of top-brand quality using the best and innovative fabrics.

Our motto, Shin-Zen-Bi (Integrity, Quality, Beauty), embodies the process in the designing and production of our coats, as well as the end-product itself. The implementation of cutting-edge technology, in order to continually exceed the needs and expectation of our discerning customers, also defines our products from inception to delivery. As technology advances, Sanyo will continually improve and redesign our coats to both parallel the advancing times and to be a pioneer in producing contemporary coats and jackets.

It is the philosophy of the company that the boundaries that once existed between the rainwear and outerwear categories have all but disappeared. Appropriately, then, the company's tag line is "Rainwear/Anywhere".

Sanyo places great value of integrity, conducting business with our customers as the main focus, which makes the experience of owning a Sanyo coat an incomparable one.

Sanyo Shokai outerwear are carried at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth, Barney's New York, and Bloomingdales, among other prestigious retailersthroughout the United States and Canada.

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