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100nen S/B Balmacaan


S/B Balmacaan, 100% Cotton, 37", Dry Clean

Style# P1A37-011

Product Features and Benefits

【J∞QUALITY 認証商品】


1. This merchandise is manufactured completely in Japan through a three-step production process *weaving & knitting, dyeing & finishing, and sewing*

2. This merchandise ingrates a delicacy characteristic of Japanese craftsmanship with an infinite amount of creativity.

3. This merchandise is safe and secure thanks to transparency and sustainability through each step of production.

Fabric: 100% "GIZA" Egyptian Yarn Dye Cotton

「100nencoat」project began with the brand tagline “TIMELESS WORK. "which was specially written for the company's 70th anniversary in 2013.
With our belief in the tagline, making items with a timeless value, we carefully designed and produced a range of the coats which are designed to be worn over a long time through many generations.
Exclusively developed "Sanyo goshi", which is our proprietary checkered pattern inspired by the Okina -goshi pattern seen in the Kabuki theater, are used for both lining and warmer of this beautiful balmacaan coat.
Beautiful cotton gabardine made of one of the finest cotton, "GIZA "Egyptian cotton, make it luxurious look while realizing deep rich color by using different warp and weft colors.
Durable water/oil repellent treatment are added on this cotton gabardine to ensure the Japanese fine quality.
Special attention are given to its authentic coat details such as collar and slit pocket, which makes it possible to access your trouser pocket even wearing the coat.
Made at one of the highest coat factory in Japan, “Aomori Sanyo Sewing”, that has abundant experiences with gabardine fabric, and has centered around coats for many years.

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