1Timeless Authenticity

2Timeless Tenderness

3Timeless Freedom

4Timeless Sincerity To The Coat For 100 Years

5Timeless Work

6Create the Finest (Sanyo)

Product Point

1Its base is a standard coat with high versatility that can be worn for long periods throughout the year.

2We have focused on functionality and design adapted for modern-day Japan.

3As light and warm as possible, a beautiful silhouette, convenience for life, the fun of wearing it.

4Made with our solid craftsmanship, allowing for trust and security.

5Carefully selected primary and secondary materials, pattern-making, innovative design, comfort.

6Made in Japan Makes use of Japan's skills and high technology.

7A conscientious and detail-oriented approach to craftsmanship






Pattern-making/Fitting check

Silhouette research based on consultation between our in-house pattern-makers and designers Our in-house team's research aims for a standard design with a beautiful and contemporary silhouette and great feel.

Pattern-making based on consultation between in-house pattern-makers and designers, something that has become rare among current Japanese apparel makers Carefully made by repeated and thorough muslin making. Creation of beautiful and durable designs.

The Sanyo coats employ designs that have been researched and cultivated for the sake of the customer; we learn from inherited designs that take into account durability and functionality, and add innovation.

Sanyo Sewing in Aomori

Produced at Sanyo Sewing, which has cultivated coat technique together with Sanyo Shok

Sewing techniques possessed by a factory whose sewing work has centered around coats for many years. Making maximum use of their abundant experience with gabardine material.

Produced through the dialogue of designers and pattern-makers with craftsmen who are continuing the tradition of the techniques developed in-house

A little added effort brings quality to life.

A Checkered Pattern in Collaboration with Kabuki Theater

As a special item, we also have lining and liners with Sanyo-goshi, our proprietary checkered pattern that was inspired by the Okina-goshi pattern seen in Kabuki theater.

Kabuki theater dates back to 1603. It already has a history spanning over 400 years. The origin of the word Kabuki comes from the Japanese word kabuku, meaning odd attire. The roots of Kabuki theater are purported to be the Kabuki Dance, which displayed costumes that imitated the kabuki-folks, the name given to those whose fashion was so novel and avant-garde that they cared little for what the world thought. They bring joy to people through their fashion consciousness, without getting caught up in prevailing opinions.

In addition, it has one major characteristic in that it was promoted by ordinary people, mainly in Edo and Kamigata (Kyoto and Osaka). That would be the spirit of Kabuki, which has been tirelessly carried forward.

We believed that these are the roots of the popular culture for Japan's entertainment arts, which is what led to our development of an original checkered pattern.

We will be using this collaborative checkered pattern in the coat liner and linings.